Our Manufacturing Facility

Sharon Solutions operates out of a world Class manufacturing facility in Pondicherry, near Chennai in Southern part of India.

The 20,000 sq. ft production facility has the capacity for producing 250 million Chip cards per year and 700 million non Chip cards per year. Manufacturing facility is VISA, Master Card and RUPAY Certified.

Fully equipped plant comprises of

  • Card printing with KBA Metronic Genius 52 UV Machines
  • Pre Press with Kodak CTP and Konings plate processor
  • Datacard MPR 5800 Composite Card production systems with Cavity milling, tape Lamination, Chip embedding, Plug in punch and Personalisation
  • Datacard MX 6000 Card Issuance System
  • Datacard MX 2000 Card Issuance System
  • Standalone Machine for Milling, Embedding and Personalisation from Datacard
  • Card Lamination Machine from Sysco
  • Card Punch Machine from Sysco
  • Hot Stamp (holograms/ Signature panel) Machine from Sysco
  • In house test Lab

Datacard MPR 5800 Composite

Product Capability

  • SIMs 32K, 64K, 64K (Java), 128K, 256K
  • STK, WIB, JAVA Cards
  • OTA Platform
  • SIMs 128K (Java), 256K (Java), 512K (Java)
  • VAS Applications
  • CDMA – RUIM cards
  • 3G – USIM cards
  • 4G - ISIM cards
Smart Card Projects
  • ID Cards
  • National UID Project
  • Health Card and other smart card projects
  • Driving License
  • Registration of Vehicles
  • EMV Compliant Banking Cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Hotel Key Card on Eco Friendly Material

Datacard MX 6000

KBA Metronic Genius 52 UV Machine