About Us

About Us

Sharon Solutions Limited an organization headquartered in Pondicherry, India - is one among the select few in the world that specializes in SIMs Technology, design and manufacture.

Incepted by the turn of this millennium in the year 2000, Sharon has set its goals with extreme product/service focus and clear purpose - to be a market leader in Telecommunication & Banking smart cards.
Sharon's quest for excellence in smart technologies has resulted in its offering some of the best products ever to be utilized by the human race.

The Company's forays into the telecommunication, banking and industry - related solutions segments have propelled it from small beginnings to the zenith of engineering capability for the world to see!


To become one of the top five leading Smart Card Companies on the globe to offer A VIBRANT PLATFORM AS A SINGLE STOP MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER evolved on high end technologies and quality to remain customer centric aligned with its quest for Smart Excellence to add values to the Shareholders and Sharonians in order to be a catalyst in world progress.


To make Sharon a Customer Focused, Quality Conscious and Technology Driven Smart Card Company and to add value to the Customers and her stakeholders. Sharon would endeavor to be a good corporate citizen of the world.

Smart products, smarter services...

Sharon's engineering expertise has lent the Company a jump-start edge in delivering precisely what it intends to the right market application and segment.

With thorough professionalism, the Sharon engineering design/development team has striven over the years to bring out a world-class range of smart-technology products that fully comply with plant, national and international standards.

The ability of Sharon to provide such products and services to the world markets lies in its single-minded mission that has been the prime objective of its business existence - to give to the world the very best in terms of top-notch quality and never-failing technical and post-sale support.

The Company believes that there is no "game over, victory achieved" with just selling its products...The real strength of the roots of its business ideals and values lies solely in understanding the client and delivering what he wants - be it a product or service or solving a problem situation.
Sharon is now, one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of SIM cards and has extensive knowledge and experience of Smart Cards markets and is one of the leading providers in India & also exports to African and Latin American countries.

Sharon has thus earned its reputation as a leading market player in its segment purely on the basis of practicing this business virtue... not just once but time and again, day after day. Not the one to rest on its laurels, Sharon believes that continual striving towards perfection is what matters in the end in its quest for excellence!

  • Established in 2000
  • Capability to produce over 250 million cards annually
  • Produces over 1 billion Scratch cards annually
  • Security Standards to meet EMV requirement
  • An ISO 9001:2000 certified company
  • An ISO 27001:2013 certified company
  • A SCOSTA certified company