Wavanna Logistics Pvt Ltd

A Freight Forwarding Company

Air Freight Export

With trading activities increasing all around the globe our export services ensures smooth air freight of shipments anywhere in the world to meet the exporters demand in recent dynamic business environment which is continuously evolving. We focus not only on transportation but also on improving the business of our customers by paying attention to their shipping needs, budget and delivery time. With the network of our professional agents worldwide we utilize our collective international skills to ship goods on suitable schedule / routes keeping in mind quality, safety efficiency and committed transit time.

Our focus is to add value to service we offer to our shippers by providing:

  • Right schedule
  • Right airline / routing
  • Space allocation
  • Competitive price
  • Custom clearance / documentation

Exports services features

  • Economical price
  • Cargo booking
  • Complete documentation / custom formalities
  • Door to door delivery
  • Airport to airport delivery
  • Instant shipping status report
  • Provide consignee pre alert information / status
  • Arrange packaging on request
  • Store goods at ware house until needed