Classification / Statutory Surveys

In our experience we have observed that modern crews have either limited time and resources to prepare for surveys or just do not take ‘ownership’ of their vessel or offshore unit; maintenance of essential safety equipment could be carried out improperly or even ‘flogged’.

Vessels and units can end up have multiple visits from the class surveyor to verify that simple issues have been dealt with. With multiple visits, costs escalate and if not properly resolved, could result in downtime, possibly class suspension and even major losses of revenue.

Class Suspension:

No Flag State Support, No Insurance, Port State Control Detentions, No work…Loss of revenue…

As is widely known, the class surveyor is extremely busy and is difficult to pin down to an exact date if numerous visits are required. With more visits come the possibility of multiple surveyors. There is then the likelihood of findings increasing as well as costs. The question must be asked; where does it all end?

Our experience has shown that if you, the owner, can present an acceptable, well maintained vessel or unit then the surveyor ‘feels good’ and tends not to drill into every minute detail. Remember: The more they find, the more they look and the more they find….. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

With the assistance and guidance from our team of experienced surveyors and professionals your vessel or offshore unit will be better prepared for surveys and audits which will result in fewer conditions of class / statutory deficiencies thereby reducing both in-port waiting times / downtime (loss of revenue, reputation etc.) and also your class society’s fees due to multiple attendances by the surveyor.

Your aim is to have your vessel attended once and to keep her working. Our aim is to help you achieve this.

OVID Inspections

If your vessel requires regular Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) examinations, we can assist you and your crews in preparing for these.

New Build Projects

We are able to oversee your new building project from start to finish or to be involved just before the sea-trials and can ensure your project is controlled as efficiently as possible

Dry-Docking: Damage / Repair: Modifications and Conversion Supervision

Whatever your needs, our team of experienced surveyors and engineers are able and willing to assist with your projects, big or small. From standard intermediate dry-docking supervision though to damage and repair projects, conversions or modifications and are very able in identifying areas of corrosion within tanks that require additional attention such as cropping and renewing.

Cost Control Supervision

If you have queries concerning your class society’s invoicing, our team of experienced class surveyors can investigate the submitted reports and invoices and advise if you are being overcharged against the fee agreements you may have in place.