Cryosurgery has proven its worth in medical science. In interventional bronchoscopy, cryobiopsy is far superior to forceps biopsy. Cryorecanalization is ideally suited to removal of exophytic stenoses, foreign objects, mucous plugs and blood clots, enabling immediate results. In addition, recanalization can also be carried out with delayed effect using cryodevitalization.

The unit  have monochromatic LCD display with Plug and play socket. The unit have 2 different effect settings with which two different freezing effects for different Pulmonology/ Bronchoscope applications like CRYO Biopsy, CRYO Re-canalizations, Tumor Debulking , Devitalizations can be effectively achieved.
The unit should have the following facilities :
Count down, count up timers with and without alarms.
Display the number of usages of CRYO probes.
Display the available gas pressure of the CO 2 Cylinder.
Option to connect 2 CO 2 cylinders simultaneously.
Washable Foot switches.
Customizable programs upto 10.
1.1 mm , 1.7 mm and 2.4 mm probes are available.