We have come up with a technology vision for the visually impaired people. Our idea was further refined and shaped by a few of the visually impaired persons who helped us to understand that there are many individuals like them who are in need of an assisted device for their daily chores. We gathered like-minded people to understand their need of enabling the visually impaired to live an independent life.


Our Vision is to enable blind/visually persons to get virtual sight with these assistive devices. Our goal is to reach a wider group of beneficiaries of blind/visually impaired people. Our venture is based on life satisfaction approaches based on the number of blind people and visually impaired that can be helped with the device to enable them to see virtually.
We aim to bring hope and advancement in life to 15 million people totally visually impaired and 65 million partially visually impaired in India alone, including 1.8 million children currently attending blind schools.
Considerable Research and development efforts are being put to implement features that make the device more useful and Vision impaired friendly.